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How to wash and care for your GI

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

BJJ GIs are an investment, ranging from $40 to $400. So taking care of it is important, also, no one wants to train with the smelly kid in class. Proper washing and drying of the GI can not only help with how long your GI last, but with how it handles the funk.

Wash with cold water

Cold water will help keep the smell down and help with shrinkage. GIs are prone to shrink in hot water, particularly double weaved GIs.

Hang dry your GI, never tumble dry

Dyers have the same effect as the hot water, it can shrink your GI making it difficult to wear and possibly making it illegal for competition due to the size difference. Also, dryers can make your GI smell worse because of your bodies oils and smells getting baked in.

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