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2024, Jiu Jitsu, and YOU

A new YOU


Welcome to our BLOG! As many of our members know, Pella BJJ is known for putting out A LOT of content. We normally enjoy videos and pictures but for the readers in our group, we thought we would try something that is difficult for us. The best part is we now have this opportunity to grow and develop new skills! We Hope you enjoy our blog and feel free to post questions for us to answer!

As we began a new year, this is the time of all the funny jokes of people joining gyms to obtain all the goals they wish for themselves. And not just the physical ones, but the mental health ones that come with walking up a flight of stairs without feeling out of breath or light headed by the top. The mental improvements of looking in the mirror and being happy with what we all see and most common, fitting into the clothes we all think we should be able to or once did many years ago.

The passing into a new year should fill us all with "what could be". However, as we grow older, we often look back on "what could have been". Many of the regrets we hear from Jiu Jitsu members are "I wish I started training earlier. I would be SO good by now". While that might be true, we need to look at the here and now and not waste time on what could have been. That energy could be spent on what will be tomorrow.

The second regret we hear from friends that took an extended break from training Jiu Jitsu is "I wish I never stopped training". Too many times do people quit their martial art, cross fit, or just regular gym for a variety of reasons and spend time wishing they never did. This might seem like a bad call, but many positives have been in that same time, including your new found knowledge of what you are missing.

It truly takes Motivation to start anything in life, but it takes discipline to continue. Many find what that discipline requires after they quit. Lucky for all of us, the doors are still open to try again.

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