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Michael Easter details his journey into the Alaskan North on a hunting trip. He is a writer and has lived a life much like many Americans, never truly bored or in a real need of the basic essentials.

Growth is hard, plain and simple. Most people are not magically good at something they endeavor to do. To do something with effort and a reasonable chance of failure makes success truly worth the effort. For Jiu Jitsu, you have to be "ok" at losing a lot. To win, you learn that you are the best person that day, in that room. To lose you learn exactly how you were beat, who beat you, how hard they train, and how much work you need to do to be better. Growth comes in many forms, but we believe that it first starts with learning from failure. Ideally, we fail early and often so we can become masterful quickly, but we must be willing to accept the lessons the failure has brought.

In this book, Michael takes on an extreme challenge, hunting in the northern Alaska region. A place so remote that medical care is not an easy task. Not a hunter, Micheal is a writer that becomes interested in the challenge of a MISGOI (a Japanese term that refers to unique challenging practice of purification). These challenges push individuals to their limits and forces people to confront fears, weakness, and doubts they have.

During his research, he is invited by friends to take on the hunting trip. There he endures extreme hunger, boredom, and physical exertion all while waiting for the one small opportunity to hunt the caribou of that region, a meal fit for all 3 members of his hunting party.

Everyone should attempt something that is a true challenge. It will grow your character and teach you something about yourself. Just be sure to listen to what life is showing you. Above all, you must let go of the fear of failure. It is apart of life and teaches us and those around us. Now go learn some lessons!

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